Hypertension is a disease, whose main feature is an increased arterial blood pressure. The main cause of hypertension is a high voltage of the walls of the small arteries of the body, resulting in a narrowing them and, consequently, decreasing its clearance. As a result it is difficult for our blood to move from one area of the vascular system to another one.

Recommendations for healthy eating for high blood pressure
The main recommendation for those who are eager to cope with hypertension is a healthy diet. The right diet can prevent from the development of the disease because the right kind of food can serve as an excellent remedy.

Aloe vera for hypertension

In case you are eager to lower high blood pressure or to improve the blood circulation in general, products containing aloe vere is a good opportunity for you. This plant is rich in substances, which reduce harmful cholesterol and, on the contrary, increase the amount of good cholesterol in the body.

There were some studies; they found out that the disappearance of the symptoms and signs of hypertension happened after adding aloe products to the diet of the patients. The researchers also learnt that aloe lets the patient not take prescribed earlier medicines for high pressure, chest pain and reducing sugar in the blood.

How does aloe vera help?
In the case of clogging heart arteries, the blood circulation is limited, the blood flow becomes more and more clogged. The more physical load you have, the greater amount of oxygen you need for the heart muscle. The heart gradually weakens and it may even stop. When the heart muscle stops working, a heart attack may happen to a person. Aloe reduces the density of red blood cells and doesn’t let clots appear. It also helps people with other health disorders.


Tips how to lower blood pressure
1. Cut down salt in your diet. If you are forty and you have high blood pressure at least once in a year, you are advised to stop eating salt. To start reduce salt consumption to a minimum, and then avoid it completely. The quantity of the salt, contained in bread, vegetables, cereals, other products, is enough for normal functioning of the organism.

2. Have enough sleep. Good sleep is the pledge of the normalization of blood pressure..

3. In hypertension it is recommended to have a fresh berries honeysuckle; the quantity of berries is not limited.

4. Jam and broth of dried fruits of black currants can be consumed in the form of tea. It is also recommended to have a fresh onion.

5. A good means is valerian: grind valerian roots. Take two grams of these powder three times a day.

6. Do not eat before bedtime, as the digestive gland needs 6-10-hour rest, mainly during the sleep period. The strengthened function of the gastro-intestinal tract requires enhanced blo